Summer Camp Reservations

Returning Units

Units attending summer camp at Raven Knob during the current year have the first chance to reserve a campsite for the next year. All units have until September 15 to pay the campsite deposit which guarantees a campsite for the following summer. Units start with the same campsite and week reservation of the current year. Requests for changes in the campsite or week may be made after September 15 through the Camp Director.

In most cases units are able to keep the campsite they reserved, however it may be necessary to move a unit to a different campsite (during the same week) due to unit sizes and site capacities. We will do all that we can to accomodate the requests of each unit.

New Reservations

Starting September 15, all available campsites are opened for new reservations. Contact the Camp Director, Keith Bobbit to ensure availability, then complete an Application for Summer Camp (RKSR A) and send it to the Camp Director at the Old Hickory Council Service Center. The campsite and week will be assigned, according to the indicated preference, and confirmed with the summer camp contact.

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