Contact Us: Scouts at Camp

Postal Mail

During the summer camp season, mail can be sent to Scouts at Camp. Please be sure to include the Scout's name and unit number on each letter or package.

Scout Name
Unit Number
266 Raven Knob Road
Mt. Airy, NC 27030

Also, please include a return address on all mail, in case the letter arrives at camp after a Scout has left camp. Mail service is dependable, but it is recommended that mail not be sent to camp later than the Wednesday while the troop is at camp. Mail is delivered to camp once a day. A letter or postcard can take from two to four days to reach camp. Any letters or packages that contain currency or valuables should be insured.


The phone in the camp office is for camp business and parents will not be able to call and talk to their child. It is possible to call and leave a message which will be delivered at the next meal. Emergncy messages will be delivered as soon as possible.

(336) 352-4307

There are pay phones located outside of the Administration building available for Scouts to use to make phone calls.

Electronic Messages

Scouts may also electronic messages through our online messaging system. To send a Scout an electronic message, follow the link in the This Summer section.