Contact Us: Camp Director

The Camp Director is Keith Bobbitt, a professional Scouter for the Old Hickory Council. During the summer camp season, Keith can be reached at the camp office.

Keith Bobbitt
266 Raven Knob Road
Mt. Airy, NC 27030
Office Phone: (336) 352-4307
Fax: (336) 352-3445

During the off season Keith can be reached at the Old Hickory Council Service Center.

Keith Bobbitt
6600 Silas Creek Parkway
Winston-Salem, NC 27106
Phone: (336) 760-2900
Fax: (336) 760-4222

As Camp Director at Raven Knob and Program Director for the Council, Keith may be difficult to contact at times. For a quicker response, the Camp Administration will be able to assist you with most questions. Questions about initial campsite reservations should be directed to the Camp Director.